Manually calculating coiled tubing specifications can be challenging, so we've been working on a solution. We’ve developed an online calculator that provides accurate specifications simply by choosing your tubing grade and selecting OD, wall thickness, and length via a turning dial. The new calculator simulates the exact output you’d get out of a printed datasheet and provides a wealth of additional information—take it for a spin and let us know what you think!

OD Nominal Wall Thickness Length
Spin the Dial to Select a Value 0.000 in. 0.000 mm Spin the Dial to Select a Value 0 in. 0 mm 0 ft 0 m
OD: 0.000 in. 0.000 mm Nominal Wall Thickness 0.000 in. 0.000 mm Length 0 ft 0 m

The current combination of settings is invalid, please try changing some of the values.

Data: Cross Sectional Area 0.000 in² 0.000 in² Pipe Body Yield Load 0.000 in² 0.000 in² Maximum Hydrotest Pressure 0.000 in² 0.000 in² Internal Yield Pressure 0.000 in² 0.000 in² Torsional Yield Strength 0.000 in² 0.000 in² Plain End Weight 0.000 in² 0.000 in² Free Point Constant 0.000 in² 0.000 in² Length Dependant Data: Internal Capacity 0.000 in² 0.000 in² External Displacement 0.000 in² 0.000 in² Straight Wall Weight (nominal dims) 0.000 in² 0.000 in²

Disclaimer: Coiled tubing grades and related information are provided for general information dissemination purposes only. All reasonable efforts were made to ensure the accuracy of all such information, but Quality Tubing makes no representation and gives no warranty with respect to the validity or fitness of such information for any particular customer’s coiled tubing operations. The customer acknowledges that any use or interpretation of this information is at his own risk.